The Children of Syria after five years of war

Approximately 3.7 million children were born in the middle of a war scenario, leading them to be guided by violence and fear. According to UNICEF, since 2011, there were more than 151,000 children born as refugees and 8.4 million (more than 80% of the Syrian child population) living the collateral damage of a war that isn’t their concern.

One thousand and five hundred rapes happened against these children, in which 60% resulted in death and mutilation, caused by the use of explosives in habitable areas. More than a third of these children died at school or on their way. Many of these children, who didn’t ask to live, just survive and are forced to grow at a speed that few are forced to.

Many Syrian children before they turn fifteen, have been recruited into a war that is not theirs, some with only seven and without their parents’ permission. And so the children are left without parents, the parents are childless and everyone loses their will to live.


This is a war that the Syrian children didn’t ask for, it is a war of the few that causes suffering for many.

The challenges are great, but we feel unable to remain quiet. We know that we can’t heal the world of war, we know that we can’t heal Syria from this conflict, but we can fight, fight with non-war weapons.

It’s this feeling that moves us, this is why we play the drums, we play until our body can’t take it anymore. Let’s play for the world, let’s play for the children of Syria

Source: UNICEF