Five drummers will play drums for 100 hours for 1 cause – Syrian children victims of War.


Our goal is to beat the current world Guinness record (80 hours) playing the longest drumming marathon by a team for 100 consecutive hours.

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5 Drummers from 5 Countries

Canada – Indonesia – Portugal – United Kingdom – United States of America

Drum Record for Syrian Children

A Syrian boatman transports every day the bodies of children who once had a father, a mother, dreams, hopes, and illusions. Some didn’t even have them at all. Some smiled, others didn’t even have time for that. A child in Syria is born with the same right to life as any other child anywhere in the world, but, unfortunately, is closer to death than any other child in the world.

The Syrian Boatman has pains in his arms, tendinitis in his wrists, cramps in the shoulder blades from rowing back and forth every day.

Well, we don’t have oars, but we have drumsticks! We don’t have a boat, we have drums of different sizes and timbres that don’t announce war, but rather call for PEACE.

We have cymbals, which symbolize plates that don’t satisfy the hungry in Syria, but show our indignation for all the victims of dehumanization! WE ARE DRUMMERS and we are all together in this solidarity action.

Syrian children could be our sons, our grandsons, our nephews, our cousins, our friends, our neighbors, our acquaintances, and that’s why we will play drums for 100 hours, and we are going to beat the Guinness World record! That’s why we ask you to join this cause and make your donation.

Text adapted from Dário Barros.